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Baclofen: Powerful Muscle Relaxant

Information about baclofen

baclofenBaclofen is a muscle relaxant used for relieving conditions associated with increased muscle tone such as spasm, stiffness, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, traumatic failure, meningitis and some others. It can be also used in the management of alcoholism treatment.

Baclofen belongs to the group of chloro-phenyl butyric acid which aims to reduce skeletal muscle tone caused by spinal cord injury. But alongside depressing cutaneous reflexes, baclofen may suppress your reaction and alertness, thus it can't be used in situations when you need full concentration. Its effect can be even more enhanced when it is taken with alcohol. Be sure you don't take baclofen at a time when you should be in a solid physical condition, otherwise it may endanger your safety.

Baclofen dosage

Baclofen is available in tablets: baclofen 10 mg and baclofen 25 mg. It should be taken orally three times a day. A usual starting dosage is not more than 5 mg. After 3-4 days it is recommended to go to higher doses of baclofen 10mg. If that is not enough, in 3-4 days a doctor may increase a dose to 20 mg orally 3 times a day. The maximum daily dose shouldn't exceed 80 mg. The thing is, this medication can cause some serious side effects, that is why it is recommended to start from lower dose to eliminate the risk of aftereffects and then increase it to the most appropriate for the patient.

On the other hand, baclofen can cause some withdrawal effects, so you should not skip taking it abruptly. Otherwise it may cause hallucinations, seizures, muscle rigidity, high fever and other unwanted reactions. Most crucial side effects trigged by discontinuation of baclofen can cause the failure of some internal organs and even death. In this regard it is always better to follow your doctor's prescription. Please, do not increase or decrease the dose without consulting your doctor. Strictly follow your pill-taking schedule.

Generic baclofen

As many medications have generic versions, baclofen is not an exception. Baclofen is sold under the brand name Lioresal, but as patent terms expired already it is now available in generic form also. It goes in two strengths: baclofen 10 mg and baclofen 20 mg. As far as baclofen should be started from lower doses, generic baclofen 10 mg tablets seem to be more appealing dose type for the customers.

There are three known manufacturers of generic baclofen, they are:

  • Lannett Company, Inc.,
  • Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories,
  • Qualitest Pharmaceuticals.
  • More information about each manufacturer you can find on their official websites.

    Where to buy baclofen

    Nowadays you can easily buy baclofen online and get it delivered quickly and safely. Some online shops offer next-day delivery what can be very beneficial in cases when you need fast relief. There is a wide choice of online pharmacies offering baclofen 10, but be sure you are dealing with a reliable web resource. The latter usually sells only licensed medication and guaranties its quality. You can also inquire about return policy if this is your first online shopping experience and you feel anxious about it. What else you can do is to read customer reviews about the certain online shop you are prone to make an order from.

    But before you decide on buying baclofen 10 mg tabs, you should learn about its dosage. It is better consult your doctor in advance. The point is that the higher doses can hurt the central nervous system, so the dose must be determined individually to fit the deeds of the patient.